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Transformation Challenge

Mar.12 -Apr. 2


Redeem Health's Next Water Fasting


June 2021

Nahla, 43 yrs.


I've been plant based since my first retreat, I have more energy, I stopped my thyroid medication, I lost weight. I did not just cleanse physically, I also cleansed emotionally

Wael, 44 yrs.

multiple sclerosis

i can see an obvious improvement in my symptoms, which is allowed me a better lifestyle and more quality time to spend with my wife and kids

Saeed, 65 yrs.

the lectures and activities were of great added value. the discussions are interesting, and I will definitely change my eating habits when I go back home


Indgy, 43 yrs.

arthritis & fibromyalgia

After years of medication, my  body started developing allergies. I decided to go on a fast as an alternative. For the first time I can hold a cup of hot tea without feeling any numbness. 

Hussein, 47 yrs.

multiple sclerosis

"The group, the staff and the setting was friendly and easy going, making the process easy and tolerable"



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